About Dr. Basma El Homasany

During my basic training, I was touched by the pain of many patients especially those with cancer. I turned to research, I was determined to dig deep into the root causes of inflammation and understand the molecular basis of diseases.

I realized that the future in medicine should be a more patient-centered approach, not only treating symptoms but also looking at the primary root causes. I completed the fellowship in antiaging, metabolic and nutritional medicine in 2012. It is a wellness approach pertinent to the prevention of diseases covering areas in functional and metabolic medicine. Metabolic and nutritional medicine is a preventive and personalized approach dealing with interactions among genetic, environmental, food, diet, toxins and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health in the prevention of inflammation and age-related diseases.




MB,BCh 1994   

Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt


Master in Science of Molecular Medicine  2000    

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland


PhD in Molecular Medicine 2005

Trinity College, Dublin Molecular Medicine Centre, Dublin, Ireland


Board certified American Academy of antiaging Medicine 2010

A4M/MMI (Metabolic Medicine Institute), USA


Master in Leadership Development Management 2011

Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland


Fellow of the American Academy of antiaging Medicine 2012

A4M Metabolic Medicine Institute, USA


Diploma in Nutritional Therapy 2015

Irish Institute of Nutritional Therapy, Ireland






  • Egyptian Medical syndicate
  • American Academy of Antiaging Medicine/ Metabolic Medicine Institute
  • NTOI/ Nutritional Therapy of Ireland
  • Institute of Functional Medicine