Insulin spikes

A Simple Salad & a simple dressing goes a long way🌱🌱salads are loaded with multivitamins, minerals and fibres 🍅🥒The consumption of salads, raw freshly cleaned vegetables, in addition to a simple salad dressing is nature ‘s multivitamins, as it is high in vitamins especially vitamin C and E, lycopene (anti-aging nutrient). Many studies found greater absorption of vitamins in the gut was observed when salads were consumed with healthy fats like extravirgin olive oil✨✨ Emerging evidence suggests that premeal consumption of non-carbohydrate macronutrients (i.e., protein and fat “preloads”) can markedly reduce postprandial glycemia by delaying gastric emptying, enhancing glucose-stimulated insulin release, and decreasing insulin clearance.
I used tomatoes, cucumber and little green onions(optional). For the dressing, I used lemon juice, extravirgin olive oil, sea salt, freshly ground pepper, pinch of: cayenne, oregano and cumin (organic)from my spice Mix 🌱☺️

insulin #diet #lifestyle #aging #healthyfood

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